Gym Etiquette Guide

For many, the gym is unfamiliar terrain navigated only by guys with six packs and girls who don’t sweat. Even for those regulars among us – you can often be left questioning whether or not your behaviour is on point. If you’ve decided to brave this foreign land to tackle weights, wrestle with the TRX or simply keep to yourself on a treadmill, use this quick breakdown on gym code – a guide to navigating this sweaty battlefield.

Wipe down the equipment

This is gym code rule 101. No one wants to be greeted by your leftover sweat when they take their turn on the machine. Take along a small towel and use this to wipe down the seats and hand grips on machines you’ve used. Most gyms have free wipes and towels to use for this, so feel free to use these.

Keep it down

We appreciate that you’re working your hardest, but trust me, no one wants to hear you work out. Try to keep grunts to a minimum and remember that while your music might keep you motivated, others don’t need to hear it as well.

Water is essential

Don’t forget to hydrate. We recommend taking along your own water bottle instead of depending on the water fountain or vending machines. Plus, if you’re going to the gym often, those plastic water bottles can really add up on the burden to the environment and your wallet.

Don’t stare

The gym makes for great people watching but don’t create a reputation for yourself as the guy who constantly stares at the girls. Focus on what you’re doing, put your headphones in, get on with it – oh, and no one wants to talk to you while they’re working out.

Wear the right thing

Put those baggy tracksuit bottoms and the football shirt back in the drawer. Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t be on trend, you can pick up men’s gym clothes from Superdry that keep you cool and look great.

Put your weights back

Putting your weights back not only means you get to include an extra lift into your set but ensures your positive reputation. You don’t want to be that guy who leaves the gym looking like a mess.

Now it’s time to put the code into practice. Once you get in the swing of things, you’ll find these things become habit. Lift heavy (but safe), get sweaty and pass on your wisdom to others.

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