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Indoor climbing is getting more and more popular nowadays, and people all over the world are joining clubs and centers to learn how to do it. Climbing is an activity that has been around for centuries, especially in nature, and that might be the reason why we all feel like it is an attractive type of exercise. But, let’s be honest, our first steps in this discipline are not the easiest and we need to educate ourselves on how to do this properly to avoid injuries.

This is why climbing centers are so important. They provide a safe space where we can practice and train without any type of risk. Also, they offer all the equipment we need and we will have professional guidance all the time. Not only is this necessary to avoid injuries, but also to learn how to make the best decisions in the middle of a tough situation, move our bodies correctly, and follow our gut feeling.

Even though it takes time to learn how to climb correctly and safely, it has many benefits that we will feel from the first session. Not only is it a great strength exercise that will tone your muscles, but it will also improve your coordination, and your confidence in yourself and your body.

Frequently asked Questions

What do you need before going to a climbing center?

The center will provide most of the equipment, so you just need comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and a water bottle.

Is climbing hard for beginners?

It can be challenging, even if you are already in shape since you will learn how to move and coordinate your body in ways that you are not used to. With proper guidance, you can learn quickly.

How often should I climb as a beginner?

If you are just starting, 3 times a week is fine. More than that will hurt since your body won’t have enough time to recover properly.

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